Tuesday, 20 January 2009

About me...

Sometimes I really want to scream. I would like to spend more time talking to my friends, but as a mom of a one-month-old boy, I am usually talking to him, trying to calm his down when he is asking for his milk. Then, chatting between adults, I have with myself. And that is hard, really hard.

I make a question.
I come up with an answer.
I debate it.
I give an excuse for it.
Then I think the idea is not so good.
But sometimes I do and I get stuck with it on my mind.

Can you see? Not so much of a chat, of an exchange of ideas.

That's why my blog is so important to me. I want to expose what I think and feel and get some feedback from other human beings!

Hey, you, please let me know... Am I getting crazy???

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