Thursday, 13 May 2004

I'm tired of searching a decent comment system for my blogs, so I'll let three of them:

backBlog and

I was very happy only with the first two, but I received an email from backBlog saying that now or I pay per year or I have to change to the basic account, meaning that I can't have more then 5 comments per post...

So, I put Enetation as well, because it seems it is working at the moment. At least I did a test, and the comments appear after I pressing the button.

So, you're free to comment in any of the comment systems. Who wants to comment, do this; who doesn't, feel free to don't do as well. I don't want more headaches about comment system. If you're really want to comment and one system is not working, try the other one. And you can always send me an e-mail... Just look at the image above with our photo, and click in the word E-mail :)

PS: I have a surprise... But wait until everything is fine to me to reveal :)

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