Saturday, 8 May 2004

The way they handle traffic here in London really impresses me.

There is a scheme called Congestion Charge, in which the drivers are required to pay £5 per day if they wish to continue driving in central London during the scheme hours of operation. This scheme garantees a minimised congestion, so everyone is able to arrive at their work or school in time.

Generally, people who don't want to pay the Congestion Charge, go by bus to Zone 1. In every street there are exclusive lanes for buses, where cars are prohibited to drive on during certain hours. This way, bus passengers can arrive quickly at their destinations. If a car is on an exclusive lane at a prohibited time, its owner will receive a £100 fine (if he pays within 15 days of receiving the letter, only half of the fine is charged).

Since there are cameras everywhere, this service is efficient. Knowing the number of the licence plate, they can send a letter directly to the owner of the car, who is likely to pay the fine.

Furthermore, drivers who don't respect traffic lights are fined.. It doesn't matter if it is day or night, they have to respect.

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